Season 9, Episode 4
Vital statistics
Air date March 19, 2010
Written by Matt11111
Directed by Matt11111
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It's The Cops! OK, So Maybe...

Who's Yo Mommy is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! season nine.


Scene 1 Edit


Waluigi: WRONG! (asplodes)

Wario: No. Her name is EKRIS:RKFdslfnasmd.

Waluigi: Wait, actually?

Wario: Yeah, I have her birth certificate. EKRIS:RKFdslfnasmd Wario.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though all preceding (and other) episodes of Season 9 are in high-definition 16:9 widescreen (720p), this episode was in the previous fullscreen 4:3 format (albeit with 1080i high-definition). This was due to the episode being produced with Season 7 (7WW15). This episode has the fullscreen intro and credits. Sorry for all this aspect ratio jargon, by the way.

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