Warioism is an ugly disease you can get by eating too much. It makes you look fat and ugly.


Wario himself did not actually have Warioism when he was born and he weighed 200 pounds, but his mom did have Warioism, and boy was she ugly.

Symptoms of WarioismEdit

When you have Warioism the following things happen

  • You grow a crooked moustache
  • Your ears get pointy
  • You get a pink nose
  • You wear the same clothes every day
  • You become fat
  • All your emails will be spam.
  • Chuck Norris will find you
  • Your teeth become white. Wait, that's good.

Good thingsEdit

There are also some positives to having Warioism, including

  • You will get signed to a multibillion-dollar contract and become a musician
  • You will be the best videogamer ever
  • You will suddenly learn how to code, which you will create videogames from. Also shames too.
  • You will get dozens of TV shows

People beginning to suffer from WarioismEdit