“So admit it..... Don't I look cool in the game screens? Those long, muscular legs on my sturdy toned frame.... I'm the perfect specimen of a man ..... What!?!? You say I look fat and my quadruple chin looks like a waterfall of flab? Shut up! That's just because you have your television set up on widescreen display!”

-Wario complaining about insults

Wario, (also known as the Wacky Fartynous Lump of Random Poopiness, Fartio, Fatio, Fattie, Stupid Guy, Chicken Wing, Lump of Crud, Fartudinous Lump of Poo, FLOP (because F is for Fartudinous, L is for lump, O is of, and P for Poo, Hi, Bye, King Warious Augustus), and Poop Sandwich) is a fat guy

Ya see that? He's just lounging!

that eats waaaay too much food. He also sits on the couch too much playing Angry Birds and Angry Warios. He also plays Cut the Wario, Where's My Wario, Wario Super Sluggers, Wario Teaches Typing, Wario Street, Super Wario Galaxy, Wario at McDonald's, X-Men Vs. Koopa Mafia, and Super Wario Bros. When he isn't he's probably on one of his 1,000,000,000 TV shows or starring in a shame. He is the brother of Waluigi, who is the exact

Wario just being a magician.

opposite of him. Yet they're twins! How is that even remotely possible?

Wario was born on June 29, 1985, weighing 200 pounds. His mom freaked out, and was relieved when Waluigi was born two minutes later that he was skinny.

He and his brother Waluigi are magicians.

Why is he so fat?Edit

Well, there are many possibilities, here are some.

  • He eats way too much McDonald's
  • He lounges on the couch all day
  • His mom ingested fat baby liquid.

His showsEdit

As you can see, he has starred in lots of shows. There are even more coming to TV and Movies.


Wario has also starred in many shames.

Stuff about himselfEdit

He invented the first Walmart and Walgreens. He has an alter ego, a water bottle superhero, Waterio and also Wario-Man

Ripoffs, clones, and impostorsEdit

Many people believe that guys like Popcornario, Lario, Smallio, Cario, and Rario originated from Mario. But Wario will have none of that. They all originated from Wario, as Wario can be traced back 25 years before Mario, who didn't originate as a cookie, actually a waffle.