This is the first episode of The Stooped Werie Butters Stupid Sow.

Plot Edit

Wario introduces us to his new epicly random show, while Waluigi fails at football.

Script Edit

The camera fades in a football field.

Wario (while Waluigi was failing at football): Good morning, everyone! I'm Wario, the host for The Stooped Werie Butters Stupid Sow! Yes, I know the title sounds dumb, but hey! Atleast that doesn't stop us from trying to make you laugh as hard as possible!

Wario then walks to the bathroom. He was in the bathroom for 3 minutes of the show. In the meantime, we see Waluigi fail even more at football. After 3 minutes, Wario walks to the camera and faces it. Waluigi is still failing at football.

Wario: Sorry. I had to pee. Now, anyway, we will make you laugh, I promise! Now, goodbye!

Wario walks away while Waluigi is still failing at football.

Waluigi: That's it. I give up.

Waluigi walks away from the camera. Fade to black.

Moral Edit

Never try to play football when you are skinny.

Trivia Edit

This is the first episode.

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