The X-Men sneak into a G-rated movie in this episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


Scene 1Edit

Knuckles: (burps) Ugh! No more Coke for the rest of my life! Go Pepsi! And garlic!

Wario: NO! COKE AND G-oh, wait, you said garlic. Never mind about that. Anyway, hi, X-Men. Today we're gonna sneak into a G-rated movie!

Knuckles: Oh, cool. Waaaait, if it's G-rated, everyone can watch it.

Wario: I know, but I'm just broke. I just gave all my coins to Mario. But later, I'm gonna go into Super Wario Bros. to get more. Or take them back. I'm helping the enemy.

Bowser: All right.

Waluigi: Let's go!

You: Woohoo!

Donkey Kong: Hey, you're not an X-Man.

You: Sorry. (leaves)

Scene 2Edit

At the movie theater

Wario: Alright, we're outside. What we're going to do is take this rather fabulous diamond pen and cut a hole in the wall. Then the other side will seal it up, but afterwards, there might not be any seats in the theater because I don't know what movie this is or when it started. But who knows? (cuts a hole in the wall) Oops, it's empty.

Knuckles: Gah.

Wario: RUN!!!!!!!!