This is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Random Show!


Scene 1Edit

Popcornario: Wario, Waluigi, great news!

Wario: What? Because last time you said great news it turned out to be a disaster.

Flashback to the kitchen three days ago

Popcornario: Wario, great news!

Wario: What?

Popcornario: I just stuffed 500 bags of popcorn kernels in this popcorn machine and it's going to make lots of popcorn!

Wario: Wow, cool!

The popcorn machine bursts and popcorn covers the whole house

Upstairs, still in the flashback

Waluigi: Oh my gosh! (looks downstairs) POPCORN! THANK YOU POPCORNARIO! (jumps down the stairs and falls in the popcorn)

Wario: This is great! But it'll take us a year to finish this! And that's continuous eating I'm talking about.

Popcornario: At least we have lots of popcorn for 1,000 years.

Back to the present

Popcornario: Yeah, but this time it's better! My friend Pario is coming over with his brother, Paluigi

Wario: Do they have a job other than pretending they work at a movie theater?

Popcornario: Yeah, they own a golf course with 162 holes!

Wario: Cool! Why don't we visit them! I love golf!

Popcornario: Well, good point, but Pario and Paluigi rarely ever leave the golf course. This is going to be awesome for them.

Scene 2Edit

Pario: So, we're going to see Popcornario and his friends!

Paluigi: This'll be awesome!

Pario: There's his house. (rings the doorbell and Wario opens the door)

Wario: Wa! Hi, Pario and Paluigi.

Paluigi: He--

Pario: (knocks Paluigi down to shake Wario's hand) Hello, Wario, where's Popcornario?

Wario: Oh, he's in the kitchen making a full house of popcorn. Actually, we already have that. It's out in the backyard. It's our popcorn house.