This is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


Wario: Random news guys! Mr. Jenkins is coming.

Waluigi: Who's that?

Wario: No idea.

Knuckles: Let's tell him to go back.

Wario: (calls Mr. Jenkins) Hi, Mr. Jenkins. We have no idea who you are, so don't come to our house.

Mr. Jenkins: Oops, that must have been the wrong number. I'm going to my dad's house. He sounds exactly like you!

Wario: Ohhhh..... (hangs up) Guys, Mr. Jenkins messed up. He's visiting his dad, who sounds exactly like me.

Bowser: That's a relief.

Donkey Kong: I knew a Mr. Jenkins once. He exploded in a mine field.

Bowser: Ouch.

Waluigi: (licks Bowser and he asplodes)

Bowser: WHY THE ************************************************* WOULD YOU LICK ME?!?!?