This is an episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show!


Scene 1Edit

Mario: Muahahaha. I'm going to poop on Wario.

Mario sneaks up behind Wario, who is watching television, and The Mario Show is on.

Mario: WOW! THE MARIO SHOW IS ON!!!!!!!!???????

Wario: Who goes there? MARIO?! (Punches Mario in the face)

Scene 2Edit

Later at the Koopa Mafia hideout

Goomba: You narcissistic IDIOT! You were supposed to poop on Wario, not get caught up in The Mario Show! I'd attack you, but I have no arms. My life as a Goomba is hard. Sometimes I wonder how I've gotten this far along in life with no arms.

Mario: I'm not narcissistic! (Sees himself in the mirror) Whoa, my skin looks awesome. (Strokes his mustache)

Koopa Troopa: Yes you are narcissistic.

Goomba: Yeah, now shut up with the word narcissistic.

Scene 3Edit

Back at the X-Men hideout aka Wario's house

Knuckles: So, you avoided being pooped on by Mario?

Wario: Yeah, I guess, but all I was doing was watching TV.

(Mario sneaks up again and poops on Wario)

Wario: Dangit! I need to shower now.

Scene 4Edit

Back at the Koopa Mafia hideout

Goomba: Great job, this is a great day for the Koopa Mafia. (throws up) But not a good day for my tummy tummy tummy. (goes to lie down)

Scene 5Edit

Wario has finished showering, and is getting dressed. Mario's head appears from the toilet, and Wario goes to sit on it.

Wario: Man, I need to poop. (poops) WEEEEEEEEEEE!

Mario: HEY! I'M HERE!

Wario: Oh, Mario?

Mario: Yep.

Wario: (poops on Mario for seven days)

Scene 6Edit

In the Koopa Mafia hideout

Goomba: We never sent you back to Wario's house you idiot! He pooped on you for a fridaying week?

Mario: Yeah.

Goomba: You're fired.


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