This is the 4th episode of The Stooped Werie Butters Stupid Sow.

Plot Edit

Wario gets a Nintendumb Pii from the Nintendumb store. After going home, he realizes that in order for him to play games, he must pee on it.

Script Edit

The camera fades in as Wario is driving to the Nintendumb Store. After driving, Wario parks his car. He then went inside the store. He went to the cashier.

Wario: Um, excuse me sir, but do you have a Nintendumb Pii?

Cashier: Um, yes. We have.

Wario: Great! How much is it?

Cashier: It costs 5 pounds of urine.

Wario punches the cashier and steals the Nintendumb Pii. He then found his car and drove to his home.

Wario parks his car into the garage. Then, he went to his home.

Wario: Hey Waluigi! Look what I got!

Waluigi: A Nintendumb Pii?!

Wario: Yes. Why are you surprised?

Waluigi: Wario, I will now tell you a secret. Don't tell anyone.

Wario: Ok.

Waluigi: I wanna tell you this because nobody ever knows how to play games on the Pii. Wario...

Wario: Yes?

Waluigi: You must pee on the Pii!!

Wario: WHA?!!

Waluigi: Yes. Do you realize that Pii rhymes with Pee?

Wario: My mind is blown away now!

Waluigi: I bet it is. Because Pii rhymes with Pee, it hid a secret message.

Wario: What's the secret message?

Waluigi: I just told you.

Wario: Oh... Well, Imma pee on the Pii then.

Waluigi: Ok, good luck.

After peeing on the Pii...

Waluigi was eating salad at the kitchen.

Wario: Hey Waluigi! I got it to work!

Waluigi runs to Wario.

Waluigi: You did?

Wario: Yup! Now I'm gonna play Angry Warios on the Pii!


Wario: This game has too much Pii! That's it! I'm selling it!

Fade to black.

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