A GameCheese is a shaming console that is made of American cheese and many other types. You can get any one of them for free on WarioBay or Wariozon, two shopping websites created by guess who? It was created by Wanintendo. It also comes with a randomly selected meal. You could get anything from pie to McDonald's to more CHEESE!

Another one of the meals you could get with a GameCheese

You can get your GameCheese in all sorts of shapes and sizes, like the ones at the left. They are realistically painted blocks of wood, so do not try to eat a GameCheese.
Wario decided to make it because he wanted to make a new video game console, but he was also a little hungry.

Shames on itEdit

Coming soon

To Program a GameCheese GameEdit

The GameCheese was mentioned in an episode of Waluigi's Quest. Read it.

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