An episode of The Super Wario Bros. Wah-wah Show! Yay!


Wario: (gets a package) OMG, my new shorts have arrived! (opens the package) This looks like pork! Waluigi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Waluigi: I've switched from the garlic team to the ONION TEAM!

Wario: Well, you're gonna switch to the shorts team because I got shorts made out of pork in the mail.

Waluigi: Wow, thanks!

Wario: Anyways, I'm going to... wait, where's my shorts?

Mario: Those shorts sure were good! Mmm mm mm mm mmm.

Wario: MARIO!!!!!!111!!111111311111

Wario gets so angry the whole world asplodes

Waluigi: Oh no!

Waluigi pieces the entire world back together.

Wario: Thanks. So, wanna play Angry Birds?

Waluigi: OK.


Wario: I WON!!!

Waluigi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waluigi gets so angry the world asplodes

Wario tries to piece it back together but can't decide where the final piece goes


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